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Specializing in custom bungee cord and bungee cord assemblies

Superior Bungee Corporation

Below are standard bungee cords we manufacture. If you have an application needing a specific bungee product, please contact us

SU25 is available in polypropylene, nylon and cotton. Sizes are from 1/8 inch to 1 inch diameter. Colors available are black, natural and black (as shown) blue, red, green and yellow or combinations there of.

SU25 Generic line

This style is available in polypropylene (SDPP) and nylon (SDNL). Sizes are from 4mm to 12mm in diameter. Colors are available in black (as shown), natural, white, blue, yellow, green and red or combinations there of.


Same Materials, sizes and colors as SDPP. Each respective size in HDPP is 30 to 50% stronger than SDPP. HDPP not available in 4mm.


This cord is double covered for durability, consisting of a nylon outer cover and a cotton inner cover. Available in sizes from 1/8 inch to 5/8 inch.

4004 Marine

Type I

We manufacture TYPE I and TYPE III. Please click link for more information.

Mil 5651D

We manufacture a wide variety of assemblies for various applications . All our assemblies are customer specific so please contact us with your requirements.

Click here to see examples of assemblies we manufacture.




Product List

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We Stock a large variety of hardware.


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Type III

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