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Specializing in custom bungee cord and bungee cord assemblies

Superior Bungee Corporation

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About Us

Since the founding of our company, we have prided ourselves on the manufacture of quality bungee cords made from the best materials available.

 We manufacture high quality bungee cord and bungee cord assemblies for many applications to meet the specific requirements of industry conforming to strict tolerances.  A few of these industries are Aerospace, Transportation, Quarry and Mining, Marine Industry, and Testing  Facilities.

 Our products cover a wide variety of bungee cord from 1/8 inch diameter to 1 inch diameter, custom and generic, depending on the customers needs and specifications.  Our cords can be made with a single braided cover, or multiple covers for greater protection, strength, and extended life.  We have successfully engineered and produced bungee cords and bungee assemblies for a multitude of unique industrial, government and commercial applications.

 We have designed and manufactured a variety of bungee products including mechanically attached  fittings, non-metallic sewn joints and laced attachments.   If you require bungee cord with specific characteristics for a custom application, please contact us.  Let our design staff take a look at your requirements and produce a product to fit them.




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